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Promoting Business and Events with Creative Ideas, Art and Design since 1978

When clients assign Milburn Taylor to create their advertising and design projects, they like to work with him for many reasons.
One of the main reasons is because of his reputation for being an excellent "creative sounding board,"
and he's easy to work with. Milburn listens, interprets, and then delivers.

Clients seem to appreciate and value his personalized approach, and his ability to create well designed marketing materials
for their specific needs. They also like Milburn's approach to every project—working from the inside out—not the other way around.
In the end, each solution is unique to the client.

When the need arises, Milburn works with marketing departments on a consulting basis, and can easily blend into the background
so he can be "all ears." Because he is such a good listner, his design solutions are usually right on, right away.
Clients consider Milburn a true "idea resource," and welcome his insight and experience as it relates to their projects.

And finally, clients appreciate his willingness to work within their budget.

For more than 30 years Milburn has worked with businesses of all sizes: small mom-and-pop shops, mid-sized companies,
international corporations, as well as non-profit organizations. He has helped them accomplish their marketing goals by providing
thoughtful, memorable and effective advertising and design.

For a free, no obgligation consultation on your upcoming project, or for immediate assistance, please contact Milburn Taylor at 512-560-4449 or by email: milburn@milburncreative.com


Make your marketing a little more fun,
and a lot more effective—

with original Cartoon Art & Humorous Illustration by
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Real Estate promotional postcard
(Promotional postcard for Real Estate Companies)

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